In times of globalization, it is becoming more and more important, both professionally and privately, to deal and communicate with people from foreign cultures. Germany is becoming increasingly attractive as a destination for immigrants because of its political and social stability, strong economy, and educational opportunities. And the number of international cooperation projects is also rising steadily. However, more than half of them fail due to intercultural misunderstandings, because technical and linguistic knowledge alone is often not enough to cope with challenges and conflict situations and to act appropriately.


Intercultural training helps to perceive cultural differences as an opportunity, to understand interconnections between cultures, to prevent conflicts, to develop solution strategies, to achieve one's own and common goals, and to strengthen relationships in the long term.


What do I offer?

  • intercultural training Welcome to Germany
  • Cultural Awareness training: raising awareness for cultural differences & how to navigate them
  • on request: intercultural training Israel & Middle East; Insights into Islam
  • trainings in German (easy language A2/B1 upon request) and English; Spanish upon request
  • concepts individually tailored to the customer
  • communicative, up-to-date, scientifically rooted and applicable methodology
  • a comfortable and motivating learning atmosphere

For whom?

  • international and German specialists and managers
  • impatriates, expatriates
  • multi-national teams (i. e. in companies, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, government agencies, educational and social institutions ...)
  • refugees, asylum seekers
  • international and German students

Possible topics:

  • intercultural basics
  • geography and sociology of Germany
  • working and student life in Germany (communication, time management, hierarchies, process flows, etc.)
  • culture shock and solution strategies
  • (Geography and sociology of Israel & Middle East; Insights into Islam) ...


I am happy to send you more information on request!